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Scotland's rules can  different from England & Wales, Most restrictions are now lifted, however face masks are still advised on public transport in shops and in busy places


Loch Awe Fishing is now permitted contact LAILA for more information and permits now only available online.



This has become a massive problem UK wide and Scotland's beauty spots are no exception.  We ask individuals to now report anyone seen dumping or leaving litter.  Offenders can be reported for Loch Awe and Argyll areas by the following fill out form from the Council.  Please use the form and report report report if we do not get on top of this.  Currently a lot of the litter is cleaned up by the very people who live and work here volunarily so next time you visit a hote, pub, or shop rememeber these are the very people who have to clean up the mess -  Its not fair, its not right, and we will report it before Loch Awe also becomes a no camping area.  SO PLEASE HELP do your bit to help -  TAKE IT HOME.   Thank you


Report it here  -          Argyll & Bute Council, Report it, Fly Tipping of Littering link.



(for LOCH AWE to become an National Scenic Area)


This petition closed for applications and comments on 07 June 2017.


It has now been 'lodged' and scheduled for consideration by the Public Petitions Committee.


For details of the original petition please see the document below



Full details to download about the petition and or print and send
Adobe Acrobat document [524.5 KB]


Argyll & Bute Council  want you to help shape future development in your area. We have started work on preparing a replacement Local Development Plan (LDP2). The plan will cover all of the Argyll and Bute Council area, apart from the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Area (LLTNP).
We want to find out what you think about the place you live. To take part please visit the website to fill out various questionnairs or for more information see full document on this to download above.
Visit the LDP2 webpage to have your say:



Police Service of Scotland
This letter is to bring to your attention a rise in the number of reports received in your area where sheep and other livestock have been attacked by domestic dogs that are not under the proper control of a responsible person or owner. In the majority of cases reported to police, the offending dog has come from the surrounding area having escaped from a garden or allowed to roam the area.
If a dog worries livestock on any agricultural land then the owner and, if different, the person in charge is guilty of an offence.  The legislation relating to this is contained in the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 and “worrying” is defined as:
  • Attacking livestock
  • Chasing livestock in such a way as may reasonably be expected to cause injury or suffering to the livestock or abortion or diminution in produce.
  • Being at large, not otherwise under close control or on a lead, in a field or enclosure where there are sheep
Such incidents obviously cause distress to the animals and in the majority of cases lead to animals being injured and/or killed.  To protect the livestock, the farmer has the right to kill the offending dog and I am sure this is a situation no livestock or dog owner would want to find themselves in. 
Additionally, under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953, the owner and the person in charge of a dog can be charged with an offence and if convicted be fined up to £1000.
The Local Authority can also impose a Dog Control Order which means certain conditions have to be complied with which will restrict the dog’s freedom but means the dog will not have to be destroyed. However, in some cases the Local Authority will have to apply for an order to have the dog destroyed to ensure the safety of surrounding livestock.
However, attacks on livestock by dogs can be prevented and if you are a dog owner I ask that you consider the following guidelines;
  1. Ensure your dog is under proper control at all times when in the countryside. All dogs have a natural instinct to chase and this is often enough for livestock to become distressed and be injured.
  2. Do not let your dog roam free and if kept outdoors ensure the area is properly secure.
  3. If you see a field with livestock, you should avoid taking your dog into that field. Instead, look for different routes where possible and pay attention to local signage.
I thank you for your co-operation.
Marlene Baillie, Police Scotland
Area Commander
Mid Argyll, Kintyre, Oban, Lorn and the Islands
Disclaimer ; Photo is stock photo only and not representative of any particular dog.
  Visit our forums to have your say!



Argyll & Bute


Check the local council website.  Most areas are changing to

once every 3 weeks for GREEN bin and

every 2 Weeks for BLUE bins 


Click here for further information




Argyll Timber Transport Group .
Timber Traffic Management Plan: 
West Lochawe
(B845, C29 & C30 Kilchrenan – Ford)
Note:- TTMPs give maximum acceptable traffic movements for the route, not individual operations.
Refer to Council webpage at:
Pre-conditions: The following schedule relates to the sensitive Council roads detailed above, designated as Severely Restricted on the current Agreed Routes Map. The single track road on West Lochawe has weak foundations and verges, poor vertical and horizontal alignment and limited passing places. The deterioration has accelerated recently, due to continued issues related to the availability of WLATHR.  Normal use by agricultural traffic is manageable but increased traffic due to Timber Operations requires a degree of Positive Traffic Management to prevent excessive damage to the network.
Lorry Configuration and Frequency. A minimum of one hour between loads is required to allow the road to recover. Lorries fitted with CTI would be the preferred option but if this is not practicable 3 axle wagon and drag 44 tonnes GVW with twin or maxi tyres should be used The use of super single tyres is not acceptable.
Operators wishing to increase this frequency should consult with the A&BC Technical Officers listed in contacts on the webpage.
Forest access and loading points. These should be agreed with the A&BC prior to any haulage being carried out and should meet standard requirements, detailed in protocols and guidance on the webpage
Seasonal/Weather condition restrictions. Haulage should only be carried out May– September, this road is particularly susceptible to the impact of frost/thaw damage. Consultation with the council would be required if haulage was required outside this operational period and is unlikely to be endorsed.
Driver Awareness and Speed Limit. The appointment of a local haulier familiar with the area is the preferred option and should be fully briefed on the sensitive nature of the road. Drivers involved with the haulage must be familiar with the nature of the road and should have read and be in possession of this management agreement, prior to operating on this route. The maximum speed on this haulage route (loaded or empty) will be 20 mph until reaching B840 at Ford, or A85 Taynuilt.
Monitoring. Road conditions are subject to fortnightly inspections by Council staff during the period of operations. Parallel inspections by the ATTG Project Officer will be carried out when practicable. Any deterioration of the road surface observed by interested parties (hauliers, land owner, agents etc) should be notified to the local Council Roads Operations office as soon as practicable. Haulage should be suspended immediately if there is any doubt that significant damage is evident or likely to occur and only resumed after consultation with A&BC Technical Officer- Oban.
The purpose of this local agreement is specifically to ensure that reasonable access is maintained for the forestry owner, and their neighbours, but in a sustainable fashion, in accordance with regional and national forest strategy.
Prepared by ATTG / Council.
Date: 10th October 2016
Name ATTG:   Kirsty Robb, Regional Project Officer      
Name A&BC:  Callum Robertson, Roads Performance Manager



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We are appealing for new members for our Argyll and Bute Council's Citizens' Panel and would appreciate any assistance you may be able to give in drawing this to the attention of people who may be interested. Panel Members will receive surveys by email inviting views on different aspects of the work of the Council and our partners.  We will use this information to shape the services that we deliver.
To give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate the Council has asked Why Research - an independent research company - to set up a new online panel.
Anyone interested in becoming a member is asked to please complete this short questionnaire:
We are asking a range of questions so that we can ensure that the Panel has members of different ages and from all walks of life. For example views on public transport may differ depending on whether or not you have a car.
You can join the panel as an individual (to give your own views) or, if you are the owner, director or in a senior management role in a local company, you may wish to register and provide views on behalf of your organisation.
If you have any queries about the questionnaire, please contact Shona Mulholland from Why Research at or on 0131 524 8171.
If you would like to contact Argyll and Bute Council, you are welcome to contact Jane Jarvie, Communications Manager, on 01546 604323 or
Thank you.









Carraig Gheal Wind Farm



The Carraig Gheal Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund receives £46,000 each year from the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm developer GreenPower.
The most recent round of funding ended in July 2016. Five applications to the main fund were successful and over £23,000 was distributed throughout the five community council areas that surround the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm.


The next funding round of the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund main grant scheme is now open for applications from 1st November 2016 until 31st January 2017.
The main grant scheme may award grants from £251 up to £7,000 to constituted groups.
For further information and guidance on how to apply for the grant scheme please visit the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm website:


The Micro Grant Scheme is open all year round and awards grants of up to £250 to individuals, constituted and non-constituted groups.
For further information and guidance on how to apply for the grant scheme please visit the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm website:


For more information contact





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