Loch Awe

Argyll,  Scotland, UK






Legend has it that Loch Awe was created by - the Cailleach Bheur, or Old Hag of the Ridges, who was the guardian of a fountain that welled up from the peak of Ben Cruachan.
Her duty was to cover the spring with a slab of stone at sundown and lift away the rock at dawn. One evening she fell asleep and the well overflowed.
The water, rushing down the mountain side, burst open a new outlet to the sea through the Pass of Brander. By the time the Cailleach awoke, the water had flooded the wide strath below and drowned all the people and their cattle.
Legend also states this is how the River Awe and Loch Awe were formed. The Cailleach was turned to stone as punishment for her negligence and sits to this day, high on the mountain, above the Pass of Brander. A great walk too!.


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